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Residential Treatment for Young Adults During the Pandemic

There’s no question that coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world over the past six months. Nearly every industry has been impacted, with many families staying and/or working from home.

With the pandemic changing the pace of many lives, mental health issues have come to the forefront of the news as people struggled with the effects of social isolation and quarantine. Now, more than ever, young adults are in need of mental health services.

Learn more about why now is the right time to seek residential treatment.

The Right Time for Residential Treatment

Due to social distancing measures, travel restrictions and quarantines, young adults have a unique opportunity to seek out residential treatment without feeling like they are falling behind, or missing out on their ‘normal’ life.

Often, young adults who need residential treatment experience anxiety about missing developmental milestones with their peers. Our sense of normal has changed drastically over the past few months and young adults who seek residential treatment now are less likely to be concerned with missing out on time with family and friends, and other normal behaviors of their pre-pandemic life.

If you or someone you love needs residential treatment, now is the time to focus on health and well-being.

Now is the time to do what you need to do for your future. You’ll be ready when the world reopens. We can help. 

Seeking Healing at Dragonfly, Fulshear or OPI

Dragonfly Transitions, Fulshear Treatment to Transition and Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) are all residential treatment centers for young adults that are a part of the Embark family of behavioral health programs. We offer connection, peer support and social isolation, while most young adults are currently facing complete isolation.

We know life looks different and we provide holistic services to give young adults the tools they need now. Many young adults are struggling with life balance, finding more times behind screens, less time with people and increased pressure on family dynamics.

We teach young adults how to live and thrive in a pandemic while navigating the delicate life, social and work balance during and post-COVID. We offer weekly family therapy to promote healthy and safe relationships between parents and young adults. We also help treat mental health and substance use disorders with deep, core clinical work to address underlying issues that interfere with daily functioning.

The world may have slowed to a near stop, but that does not mean that your journey to health and wellness has to do the same.

Contact Dragonfly, Fulshear or OPI to continue moving forward. Now is the time. The world is waiting.

Contact Dragonfly at: 541-735-9973, Fulshear at: 979-985-3236, or OPI at: 818-906-4884

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