We Work with Most Major Insurance Companies


Verify Insurance Coverage

Recognizing the importance of mental health care for your family, we offer flexible payment and insurance options.

We work with most insurance companies, contact us and we will walk you through a free insurance verification. If you would like to speak with an Admissions Specialist about insurance verification directly, please call us.

  • 1

    Gathering Information

    We start by gathering information regarding your insurance policy, including name, DOB, address, and treatment history.

  • 2

    Verification of Benefits

    We will consult with your insurance company and obtain authorization requirements for each level of care. 

  • 3

    Utilization Review

    Our team reviews pre-enrollment clinical data and works with insurers on precertification cases.

The No Surprises Act protects people from receiving surprise medical bills for most emergency services and non-emergency services from certain providers. Learn more about the No Surprises Act. If you are an existing patient and have questions about your billing, call (661) 622-4132. If you are a new patient and have questions, call Admissions at 866-479-3050.