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Our Programs

Embark is a family of behavioral health programs that offer support to struggling adolescents, young adults and their families. Our treatment programs are united by a passionate commitment to impeccable quality, cutting-edge innovation and a spirit of collaboration contributing to the best care in the mental health industry.

Calo preteens is a residential treatment center for adolescents ages 9 - 14

A small and exclusive program offering an idyllic and natural therapeutic setting for adopted preteens to experience connection and acceptance. One of a kind treatment for adoptive families.

Calo Teens is a residential treatment center for teenagers struggling with developmental trauma

Created with the need for specialty care in mind and with almost a decade of outcomes (over 400 families), Calo Teens is the first treatment center focused on adoptive families. Calo Teens implements a true relational-based treatment approach to create change from the inside out… heart first, and behavior second.


At Chrysalis our rural setting removes the distractions of peer pressure and relationship demands that challenge many of our girls. Emotional, social and academic struggle have arisen while dealing with trauma, ADHD, body image issues, chemical dependency and abuse, learning struggles and poor peer relationships. Through unique life-affirming adventures, we allow a girl to heal, find her inner strengths and discover the best way to share those strengths with others.


Dragonfly Transitions supports young adults on a journey of personal exploration, health, and independence. Growth and change happen through connection, community, and experience. Dragonfly is designed with progressive phases, college and vocational options, recreation, therapeutic support, and a variety of living environments located in southern Oregon.


At Fulshear Treatment to Transition East, you will live with other clients and develop that special camaraderie that comes only through sharing challenges in an environment that offers success to those who are willing to work hard. You will partner with staff who will encourage you to succeed at accomplishing what ever goals you’ve set for yourself. At the same time you are striving to make changes, you can enroll in college classes, volunteer, or look for part-time work.


The Fulshear Adult Attachment Model is a proprietary approach which focuses on our innate need to connect with others. Many of the young women at Fulshear have tried many other types of treatment but are still struggling with complex emotional and behavioral issues. At Fulshear they work through the hurdles that have prevented from making those connections and limiting their ability to be successful in life.

Lake House

Younger girls require different care from older teen girls and so Lake House helps these girls find healing through play. By combining this play with superior academics and a healthy, home-like environment, these girls are able to develop the resiliency and confidence needed to thrive throughout life.

New Haven

With the highest student to staff ratio (1:2.6) in adolescent mental health care today, New Haven is uniquely qualified to work with girls who suffer from one or more emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance addiction, eating disorders, abuse and identity issues. Our family systems approach, allows girls to rebuild critical relationships in order to achieve their goals.

New Vision Wilderness

New Vision Wilderness (NVW) programs are innovative wilderness therapy programs for preteens, teens, young adults who require an immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. Our programs specialize in treating struggles associated with adoption, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction.


The OPI Living Programs are JCAHO accredited and designed to provide effective, innovative and therapeutic treatment for young adults who are challenged by a number of different diagnoses including borderline personality disorder (BPD), excessive anxiety, depression, “failure to launch,” learning disabilities and more. Where other programs look to stabilize young adults, OPI gives clients both the clinical and life-skills support they need to thrive as adults.


Sunrise is a fully integrated DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) program founded on the belief that each girl is unique in her struggles. Some are depressed or anxious, others struggle with addictions or eating disorders. All struggle with deep-rooted emotional issues that limit their ability to unlock their potential.


Potomac Pathways offers a full continuum of behavioral healthcare for teens (14-17) and young adults (18-25) who are struggling with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorder. We accept most forms of health insurance.