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Why Embark Virtual for Teen & Family Counseling?

Experience: 25+ years delivering superior mental health services to teens and young adults

Expertise: Counselors are licensed and credentialed (Master’s degree or Ph.D.)

Holistic: Sessions can include teen counseling, parent coaching, and/or family counseling

Proven: Robust, sustainable outcomes from our evidence-based platform

Flexible: Coaching, counseling, and more all from the comfort of your home


Embark Virtual is in a league of its own when it comes to digital coaching and counseling services – it is a comprehensive, premier, private pay support system tailored to you - for families that expect the best. 


/Per Session

Mix and Match Weekly Sessions Between: 

Parent Coaching, Family Sessions and Individual Session

We are dedicated to helping your family live more joyfully and find healing. Every scheduled session is 50 minutes to ensure adequate time for thorough, comprehensive treatment.

 Costs are due up-front and billed monthly via credit card.

Privacy and Discretion: Our professionals and technology ensure all sessions are HIPAA-compliant for privacy and security.

The Embark Difference

"You have been a God-send in our lives and we are very, very grateful for the love and concern and support you've shown each of us, but especially our daughter. We miss you folks. I even miss Utah!"
"Your unending patience, tireless commitment, and absolute brilliance gave us our daughter, and gave our daughter her life."
"I only wish there was more I could do to express to you my love, affection, and gratitude for all you've been in my life and in hers. I am delight that our relationship will continue."
"You have helped me so much this year. I used to not understand English, but you have helped me to become involved in class and to get into books. It's been a lot easier to learn in a caring environment. Thank you for helping me get interested in school again."
"When we brought our daughter to New Haven, we thought she might never want a relationship with us again. She's changed so much, we wonder if you switched her with someone else! New Haven has given us our daughter back."
"Both staff and peers at New Haven befriended me and helped me to open up and share. Once I realized that people liked me for who I am, I started to like myself. This was exactly what I needed. I needed gentle, caring people to help me."

Interested in Embark Virtual?

To determine which type of counseling is best for your family, talk with one of our mental health professionals. They will consider any symptoms and your family's treatment history and outline what you and your child want out of counseling. They are here for you and can recommend the best next steps specific to your situation.

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