When I Grow Up

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This is supposed to be one of the best times of your life. You are still young, you have opportunities to participate in music, athletic, and other organizations, and still hang out with friends. You are old enough to choose the fun things you want to do, independent enough to do them without mom and…

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Stepping Up

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In treatment, we talked about how to be mentally healthy. You learned more about yourself, about your mental health, and most importantly, you learned new skills to help you take control of your life and especially your mental health. Now you have been able to put your newly learned skills into practice, too. But the…

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Standing on My Own

Just like a toddler learning to walk, recovering from mental illness or substance use can be like learning something for the first time, too. Sure, we thought we knew how to do life. But then we realized that we weren’t actually walking, we were limping or crawling mentally. Now we have taken the first steps…

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Youth and Young Adult Competency Quiz

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What are some of the tasks that indicate that one is evolving into a well-developed young adult? Through our experience over the past 30 years coupled with research about the developmental milestones one should master as they reach young adulthood we have compiled a list of 16 tasks that someone working towards successful independent living…

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