Balancing Technology in Our Lives

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Life is always a balancing act. We need to make time for school or work, family, sleep, plus whatever other interests we might have. Technology makes finding balance a little more challenging. We can use technology in nearly every facet of our lives, but too much technology can be harmful. So as with everything else…

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Learning to Balance Reality and Screen Time

Teen taking OCD test before enrolling in virtual IOP program.

We live on our phones and other devices. We text our friends, binge watch shows, play video games, and we love engaging in social media. We also need technology for learning. But is it possible to spend too much screen time? Does it harm our physical and mental health? What about our relationships in real…

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Remembering Me

We are naturally wired to be self-centered. Think about it, survival instincts are to first save ourselves. If we are hungry, we want food. For ourselves. If we are tired, we want to go to sleep. Whatever we want, our brain tells us to get it. That is how we survive, it is a natural…

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