Group Therapy: Know Your Options

Parents who are exploring ways to address their teens’ mental health may wonder, “What is group therapy? How does it work, what types are there, and how can it help my child?” Group therapy can be extremely beneficial, allowing participants to find support not only from a therapist but also from their peers. To help…

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The Ultimate Guide to Outpatient Treatment

Teenager speaking with therapist during therapy session in outpatient program.

As a parent, you want the best for your child when they’re struggling with mental health issues. Outpatient treatment could be a great option, but you may not know where to start. “Which outpatient programs near me are good for my child?” could be just one of many questions on your mind, and you may…

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Keeping Your Options Open

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When your life is spiraling out of control and any interventions you have tried are not working, the natural response you or your family might make would be to hospitalize you or put you into residential care. There may be times that this is the best option for you, and maybe even necessary to save…

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Why Should I Enroll in an Outpatient Program?

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When a mental crisis hits, and symptoms are severe, such as severe depression, suicidality, or extreme or psychotic symptoms, then hospitalization or a residential program is necessary. In those cases, you need 24-hour medical care. But what if you know you need help, but you don’t need 24-hour care? What if you don’t want to…

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