Group Therapy: Know Your Options

Therapist leads teen girls in group therapy.

Parents who are exploring ways to address their teens’ mental health may wonder, “What is group therapy? How does it work, what types are there, and how can it help my child?” Group therapy can be extremely beneficial, allowing participants to find support not only from a therapist but also from their peers. To help…

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How Does Equine Therapy Help Teen Mental Health?

Teenager participates in equine therapy.

Equine therapy, which uses the deep and tender connection between humans and animals to promote emotional healing, can create a safe emotional space for young people experiencing mental health issues. Molly Freemantle, LMSW, a therapist and equine specialist at Fulshear Treatment to Transition, a young adult transitional living program that offers equine therapy, said this…

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A Guide to Winter Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Therapy Activities for Adolescents

Teen boy enjoys winter adventure therapy activities

Wilderness therapy offers an immersive therapeutic experience for struggling and at-risk adolescents. The challenging environment and adventure therapy activities — like hiking, fishing, kayaking, backpacking, and climbing — compel teens and young adults to engage in therapeutic healing and learn the life skills essential to succeeding in life. And because it’s available year-round, it can…

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Embark Opens First Residential Treatment Center in Tennessee

embark opens first residential treatment center in tennessee 1

Tempe, Arizona – Embark Behavioral Health announced today that it had opened its first residential treatment center (RTC) in Benton, Tennessee: The Forge School. Located just 45 minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, The Forge School will be part of the Calo division of Embark’s behavioral health programs. Focused on the emotional and neurobiological needs of teenage…

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Residential Treatment for Young Adults During the Pandemic

residential treatment for young adults during the pandemic 1

There’s no question that coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world over the past six months. Nearly every industry has been impacted, with many families staying and/or working from home. With the pandemic changing the pace of many lives, mental health issues have come to the forefront of the news as people struggled with the effects…

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Mental Health Treatment Amid the Coronavirus

mental health treatment corona featured 1

News of the recent coronavirus, or COVID-19, has brought with it feelings of anxiety, panic and stress, impacting the emotional, mental and physical health of many families across the United States. As a family of providers of mental health, we understand these feelings are normal in times of uncertainty, but it is important not to…

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