Why Do My Parents Need DBT Skills?

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There’s this thing called DBT, it means Dialectical Behavior Therapy. You have been told that it is really great for both mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and substance use. When you get treatment for your mental health, hopefully the facility you choose will use DBT, it is one of the best treatments for…

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A DBT Refresher

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Part of learning is to review, and particularly when you have had a chance to put something into practice, a review is very helpful. In treatment, you learned about DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. These were some of the skills that helped you to heal the most and to learn to manage your mental health.…

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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

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One of the reasons people avoid getting help for mental health or substance use issues is because of the terminology. For some reason, that doesn’t stand in the way of us getting medical help, which has just as many strange terms. Okay, so perhaps it is the stigma, but one would have to agree that…

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Treatment with DBT

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Acronyms and abbreviations are flying at you, and to be honest, flying past you at the speed of light. It’s not enough that you are just trying to keep your head above water. Now everyone that is trying to help you are using all of these letters, and you don’t know what they mean. But…

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