Rocking Your Choices

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Let’s face it, we all make poor choices sometimes. But we also all make really good choices, too. Then there are all of those choices in between that are really “meh.” As you look at your choices, having gone through treatment for mental health or substance use issues, you may want to evaluate where your…

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The Pressure of Choices

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Do you ever feel like your world is closing in on you, that you sometimes can barely breathe? Looking around, there is no physical pressure on you or your body, but it doesn’t change that feeling. A lot of people feel this way when they experience extreme emotional pressure. You cannot see the pressure, but…

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Confidently Making Career Choices

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Choosing a career at any age can be very stressful. You want something that you enjoy, and that is rewarding, fulfilling, and will help you meet your financial goals. But how do you know that any of that will work out? Especially now, at this age? How do you know that what your interests are…

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The Fear of Failure

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Failure. It is a word that instantly brings a negative emotional and physical response even when we read it. Failing a test feels bad and failing a class can feel even worse. But failing to get into the college you want or failing to achieve what you want in life seems like the worst thing…

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Stepping Up

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In treatment, we talked about how to be mentally healthy. You learned more about yourself, about your mental health, and most importantly, you learned new skills to help you take control of your life and especially your mental health. Now you have been able to put your newly learned skills into practice, too. But the…

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