Did the Pandemic Increase Loneliness in Teenage Girls?

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Protecting your family from COVID-19 is important, but the pandemic has also created a mental health epidemic. It’s hitting our teens hard, and it’s hitting the girls the hardest.   In fact, new research from The Rox Institute for Research and Training released a report on how pandemic loneliness is affecting 5th through 12th grade girls and found:   Girls are experiencing newfound fear about their futures since the…

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Making Social Anxiety a Thing of the Past

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You may still have flashbacks of all of the times leading up to treatment where you experienced social anxiety. That time that you stayed home from the school dance because you couldn’t even cope with the people, the dancing, or any of it. That time when you failed that test because your mind went completely…

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Living with Social Anxiety

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For most people, experiencing some kind of anxiety in social situations is normal. The desire to be loved and accepted by others is a shared human need. You might worry about what to wear or what to say when you are amongst people outside of your family or close friends. Most people experience a lot…

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Is There A Cure For Loneliness?

Have you ever sat in a crowded cafeteria alone during lunch and watched the people around you? It seems as if everyone has a friend, several friends, a group of friends even. They’re talking, texting, on social media. Maybe you’re sitting alone because you simply don’t connect to others your age, maybe you get anxious…

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