Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Vaping

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The trend of vaping came about in a huge smokescreen of flavors and lies. Telling us that it was healthier than smoking was a very low bar to begin with, but then it turns out that it really isn’t healthier at all. They made products with flavors that would appeal to children, even though it…

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How Marijuana Impacts Our Mental Health

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The legalization of marijuana in so many states has made the drug incredibly popular and even more accessible. There are so many different ways to ingest it, and it has become very normalized. However, we forget that marijuana is still illegal for anyone under the age of 21. There are a lot of reasons for…

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Can I Become Addicted to Marijuana?

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Marijuana is more commonplace than ever before, especially since there are so many places where it is now legal to carry and use for recreational purposes. Despite the fact that it is still not legal for those under the age of 21 to use marijuana, more adolescents are using it than ever before, too. However,…

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The Real Dangers of Vaping

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Vaping was originally presented as an alternative to smoking. Some even claimed that it was a way to help people stop smoking. You have likely heard and seen the ad campaigns that have opened eyes about manufacturers targeting children and adolescents with their vape products that have flavors of candies and sweets. But all of…

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Vape-Free and Proud to Be

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As much pressure as you may feel socially to vape, the health risks are a hundred times worse. Or even more, we are just now learning the effects that vaping has on our bodies. Nothing is worth the risk. So no matter what kind of pressure you perceive, make a promise to yourself to be…

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