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Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Vaping

The trend of vaping came about in a huge smokescreen of flavors and lies. Telling us that it was healthier than smoking was a very low bar to begin with, but then it turns out that it really isn’t healthier at all. They made products with flavors that would appeal to children, even though it is only legal for people over the age of 21. Don’t forget all of the imagery, with the cool-looking clouds of smoke upon exhaling, so much cooler than cigarette smoke. You are smarter than all of these things, and you can see through the smokescreen of vaping.

The Cloak of Temptation

If the vape industry released their products with advertising like “Tastes great, but may kill you,” or “You may get addicted after only one try, but at least you will look cool,” you wouldn’t think twice about vaping. That’s not how they roll, though. They tempt you with imagery, the appeal of yummy flavors, and fake promises about how it won’t harm you. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
Even if everyone else is doing it, and the peer pressure to at least try vaping feels immense, this is your health, your body, your life, and you are smart enough to see through the smokescreen. When in doubt, ask. Do some research. Why would someone be working so hard to sell you something, with so many tempting flavors? Is it healthy to exhale big plumes of smoke or vapor? Because what you are exhaling, you are inhaling first. No matter who else is doing this, you have to know that the temptation to vape may be based on false claims or even lies.

Hazy Claims

The claims of products are almost always overrated, this is why there are so many government authorities overlooking various products and industries. For example, for many years, people thought that smoking was perfectly healthy. Once science got involved and so many deaths were directly correlated to smoking, there were lots of rules and restrictions placed on the tobacco industry. For example, now every pack of cigarettes is very clearly labeled with a very specific warning from the surgeon general.
You can be smarter than the claims that manufacturers make. Especially in an industry that is largely unregulated, so far. You can and should pay close attention to everything you put into your body. If someone is clearly marketing a product to children, such as the flavors of vape products, but it is not legal for those under the age of 21 to consume that product, then their claims that it is safe are very likely to be false. 

Clouded Information

Many vaping products, particularly those which contain THC, an active drug in marijuana, do not contain appropriate labeling to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. For example, how much THC is in the vape oil? What concentration of THC is in the oil? How much is considered a dose?
Not only is the lack of information about the contents very dangerous, but there is a lot of clouded information as to how harmful vaping is. Vaping can cause serious and permanent lung damage, requiring extensive hospitalization and medical care, but vaping can also kill you. In fact, government agencies are just now starting to sound the alarms about the fact that most of the people who have died due to vaping have died using marijuana products in their vape devices. The deaths are linked to an additive, vitamin E acetate, which is only contained in products with THC.

Seeing the Truth Clearly

If there were a product that you knew nothing about but was advertised as “less harmful than smoking,” wouldn’t you think twice about using it? How about if someone said they might have a contagious disease that was “less deadly than AIDS?” Hopefully, you are smart enough to realize that when a product is advertised like this, you need to be aware of exactly what risks you are taking before ingesting it into your body.
Where there is smoke, there is fire, and sometimes behind that fire are lies and mistruths. Smoking has been proven to kill people over long periods of time and is very addictive as well. Unfortunately, less is known about vaping since it is a newer trend, but the truth is staggering. Vaping is at least as addictive as smoking, due to the nicotine content, and can kill you much faster. Instead of taking years and succumbing to lung cancer, vaping creates serious lung disease, sometimes after a very short period of time. In fact, one of the most alarming truths about vaping is that it causes serious harm and death, even to very young people.
Vape manufacturers have been hiding behind a smokescreen to make money. They know that nicotine products are addictive, so if they can tempt you with tasty flavors or cool devices, then you will be hooked and they will make more money from you. They don’t care that their products harm you. They don’t worry about you using their devices with THC products and winding up dead. You are smart enough to see the truth. Look past the smoke and lies and make the right decision for you. Seeing past the smokescreen of vaping can literally save your life.

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