Eating Disorders: How Parents can Support their Child

Host Rob Gent and Liz Lees discussing how to support your child with an eating disorder.

In this episode, Rob interviews Liz Lees, Registered Dietitian, on how to recognize signs of an eating disorder, how to seek treatment, and how parents can support their child while in eating disorder treatment. Rob and Liz discuss how eating disorders impact physical and mental health, as well as the important role parents play through encouraging treatment, meal planning, and modeling healthy relationships with food and body image.

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Welcome to Roadmap to Joy!

In the first episode of our mental health podcast, Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer of Embark Behavioral Health, and Alex Stavros, Chief Executive Officer of Embark Behavioral Health, discuss the youth mental health crisis and the importance of secure family relationships. They also give advice for parents about how to talk to their children about tragic events, such as school shootings.

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