Mental Health 101: The Healing Journey

To wrap up our Mental Health 101 series on “Roadmap to Joy,” Richard, a parent of an Embark Behavioral Health alumni, tells his story of his family’s mental health treatment journey. Your host, Scott Harris, manager of continuous improvement at Embark Behavioral Health, and Richard discuss how finding the proper treatment for his son brought healing to his entire family, how he grew as a parent, and how their relationship transformed.

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Embark has been helping people overcome behavioral health issues that may be affecting their everyday lives for over 25 years.   

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The Embark team has some of the industry’s most compassionate and educated professionals. Its core purpose is to create joy and heal generations. Embark’s big hairy audacious goal is to lead the way in driving teen and young adult anxiety, depression, and suicide from the all-time highs of today to all-time lows by 2028. Exceptional treatment options, like short-term residential care, make Embark the world’s most respected family behavioral health provider.   

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