Music and Mood

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Perhaps you have felt it before.  A certain song comes on, and immediately you feel different. Maybe you smile or even start to dance, or maybe you feel a little melancholy and your body feels more relaxed or even tired. It is well known that music can influence our mood in the moment, but can…

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A DBT Refresher

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Part of learning is to review, and particularly when you have had a chance to put something into practice, a review is very helpful. In treatment, you learned about DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. These were some of the skills that helped you to heal the most and to learn to manage your mental health.…

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Learning to Balance Reality and Screen Time

Teen taking OCD test before enrolling in virtual IOP program.

We live on our phones and other devices. We text our friends, binge watch shows, play video games, and we love engaging in social media. We also need technology for learning. But is it possible to spend too much screen time? Does it harm our physical and mental health? What about our relationships in real…

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Why Do I Feel So Anxious?

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There are plenty of things in life to be anxious about. But sometimes we feel overly anxious, or anxious about things that shouldn’t make us feel anxious. Sometimes, anxiety isn’t even something we are aware of. It makes our muscles tense, our stomach nauseated, and can even cause physical pain. It doesn’t make any sense.…

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