Residential Treatment for Young Adults During the Pandemic

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There’s no question that coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the world over the past six months. Nearly every industry has been impacted, with many families staying and/or working from home. With the pandemic changing the pace of many lives, mental health issues have come to the forefront of the news as people struggled with the effects…

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Making Therapy Work for You

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Therapy can be very helpful to people, yet some people still have poor experiences with it. Whether it has to do with the stigma around it, negative experiences in your past, or just not really knowing how to make the most of it, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to help yourself live…

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Telehealth in the Age of COVID-19

telehealth age of covid

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the recent coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic. In efforts to “flatten the curve” of disease spread, providers of behavioral health services around the world adapted quickly by making the switch to entirely virtual, HIPAA-compliant environments. At Embark Behavioral Health, a nationwide provider of behavioral healthcare for…

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Mental Health Treatment Amid the Coronavirus

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News of the recent coronavirus, or COVID-19, has brought with it feelings of anxiety, panic and stress, impacting the emotional, mental and physical health of many families across the United States. As a family of providers of mental health, we understand these feelings are normal in times of uncertainty, but it is important not to…

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Art as Therapy

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Art, music, dance, literature – they are all very powerful. When we experience someone else’s art, we can be inspired, transported, and moved. They are expressions of the human condition, expressions of joy, pain, anger, love. Why not, then, use art as therapy? We do not have to be a famous artist, musician, dancer, or…

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Does My Family Need Therapy, Too?

Family enjoys time together after talking about mental health treatment for anxiety and depression at Embark Behavioral Health.

If you have depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, or if you are struggling with substance abuse, you have probably realized by now that you need help beyond what you have had access to. However, what you may not have realized is that your struggles also impact your family. They may not understand your…

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Keeping Your Options Open

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When your life is spiraling out of control and any interventions you have tried are not working, the natural response you or your family might make would be to hospitalize you or put you into residential care. There may be times that this is the best option for you, and maybe even necessary to save…

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Double Trouble

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The fact that so many adolescents struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns is fairly well known. The fact that substance use is so prevalent amongst adolescents is not exactly news, either. However, much lesser known is what happens when someone with depression or anxiety also has a substance abuse problem. This is…

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