When Social Media Attacks

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Look around you. At any given time, someone within 30 feet of you is likely viewing some type of social media. You connect with it, you learn from it, and watch your idols through it. Social media has so many powerful forces for good, and some questionable influences, too. But what happens when you become…

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Being Social Media Vigilant

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After treatment for mental health and/or substance use, you learned a lot about self-care, therapy skills to help you manage your stress and emotions, and about being vigilant in those things to protect you from relapse. You can also protect yourself by being vigilant in your social media use. By keeping yourself safe, monitoring how…

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The Power of Social Media

This is not another article from an adult telling adolescents that social media is bad. In fact, it’s the opposite. Social media can be a powerful tool for change. We often hear how much time is wasted on social media, or how many people are abused or bullied. However, less reported are the positive uses…

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Balancing Technology in Our Lives

Life is always a balancing act. We need to make time for school or work, family, sleep, plus whatever other interests we might have. Technology makes finding balance a little more challenging. We can use technology in nearly every facet of our lives, but too much technology can be harmful. So as with everything else…

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Using Social Media as Your Superpower

The headlines always focus on the negatives of social media. There are always stories of cyberbullying and abuse, often transferring into real-life tragedies. Or there are stories about social media being a negative influence on people, or how much time is “wasted” on social media. It’s about time that you start making headlines for using…

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Technology Versus Reality

Virtual Reality used to be a dream, but now it is actually a reality. Perhaps in more ways than one. With how dependent we have become on technology for school, work, entertainment, and communication, our realities are practically all virtual now, we are always looking at a screen somewhere. Do we still know the difference…

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Learning to Balance Reality and Screen Time

Teen taking OCD test before enrolling in virtual IOP program.

We live on our phones and other devices. We text our friends, binge watch shows, play video games, and we love engaging in social media. We also need technology for learning. But is it possible to spend too much screen time? Does it harm our physical and mental health? What about our relationships in real…

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