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5 Teen Behaviors That Indicate Your Son May Need Residential Treatment

It can be challenging for parents to recognize the need for mental health treatment for their children, and as we continue to deal with increased isolation from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and quarantines, it is more difficult today than ever before to acknowledge your son’s need for residential treatment.

So, how do you know if your son needs more help? Learn more from our discussion with Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer at Embark Behavioral Health, about these five teen behaviors that may indicate a residential treatment center can heal your son.

Residential Treatment Centers for Teenage Boys

Residential treatment centers can give teenagers and young men time away from the stressors of urban life to focus on their mental health.

Many teens come to residential treatment centers struggling with a variety of behaviors and issues, including:

“Families often find that residential treatment centers include an academic program so that teens do not get behind in their education. In fact, many students leave residential treatment centers ahead in their academics,” says Gent.

5 Teen Behaviors That Indicate Your Son May Need Residential Treatment

It can be difficult to make the decision to send your teenage son to a residential treatment center.

How do you know it’s the right time to seek residential treatment for your teen? 

Here are five teen behaviors that may indicate your son needs residential treatment:

1. Behavioral changes.

Behavioral changes can include the desire to cause harm to others or running away. Having an unusual interest in physical fighting or weapons could also be an indicator of a more significant problem. This may manifest as cruelty to animals and becoming verbally abusive.

2. Behavior that negatively affects family dynamics.

Normal teen behavior can affect family dynamics, but for teens needing residential treatment, this goes beyond normal family stress. A son who needs residential treatment may isolate himself from the family, threaten the safety of family members, become non-communicative or secretive, and threaten to, or actually, runaway.

3. Concerns about his safety.

Ultimately, choosing residential treatment for your son comes down to health and wellness, and safety. If you are concerned about his safety or the safety of those around him, it’s time to ask for help.

4. Inability to accept responsibility for his actions.

Teen boys who need residential treatment often have an inability to accept responsibility for their actions. Finding blame in parents, teachers and even friends while refusing to accept natural consequences can be a sign that residential treatment is needed.

5. Poor academic performance.

Academic success does not come easily for every student, but a change in academic performance may be an indicator of a mental health issue. Dropping grades, excessive tardiness, getting into trouble with teachers or truancy might be signs that there is something else going on and a residential treatment center may be able to help.

Ways to Find Healing at an Embark Residential Treatment Center

Embark provides residential treatment for teenage boys, between the ages of 14-17, at The Forge School. The Forge School aims to bring healing and joy to families and teens through their dynamic and immersive residential treatment program near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The school combines exceptional educational rigor, individual and family counseling, and extraordinary outdoor experiences to help build greatness beyond just an education.

Committed to creating an environment of acceptance, The Forge School’s students develop secure relationships with themselves and others, which leads to a deeper understanding of each teen’s core sense of self and initiates positive behavioral change.

If you think your teen son would benefit from residential treatment, contact Embark or The Forge School today. We are here to partner with you and your family.

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