What Is Suicidal Ideation in Teens?

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Last Updated: March 2021 Suicidal ideation is an all-encompassing term that means having thoughts of suicide.* These thoughts can range from a simple passive thought to more detailed plans around the act. Ideation is not the same as a suicidal act or attempt, but it does have the potential to go from a thought to…

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The Value of a Life

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You feel so alone, so worthless. The word depression does not begin to describe where you are at right now. So many negative thoughts. Perhaps you even think that the world would be better off without you.  But that’s where you are wrong.  It may feel impossible to see when you are so depressed, but…

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An Experiential Family Approach to Healing BPD

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We were huddled around a bonfire during a heat wave in July. Julie’s mother was holding an empty bottle of painkillers in her hand. She raised the bottle and held it over the flames. I had led scores of burning ceremonies for students over the years, but I’d never had a parent spontaneously participate before.…

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When the Darkness Won’t Go Away

Depression is so sinister. It creeps in with negative thoughts, and without any warning, those thoughts almost go viral in our minds. Without even knowing what is going on, we are suddenly feeling lonely, then empty, then numb. Then just dark. A cold, empty, lifeless darkness that won’t go away.  No one should ever have…

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