Succeeding at School after Treatment

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Struggling with mental health and substance abuse is difficult at any age, in any situation. For you, it started young. Also, for you, you got treatment while you were young. Still, it has been a long and very tough road up until now, and as you are putting the pieces of your life back together,…

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Balancing Technology in Our Lives

Life is always a balancing act. We need to make time for school or work, family, sleep, plus whatever other interests we might have. Technology makes finding balance a little more challenging. We can use technology in nearly every facet of our lives, but too much technology can be harmful. So as with everything else…

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Stepping Up

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In treatment, we talked about how to be mentally healthy. You learned more about yourself, about your mental health, and most importantly, you learned new skills to help you take control of your life and especially your mental health. Now you have been able to put your newly learned skills into practice, too. But the…

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Living Strong

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No one is perfect. We are all human beings, and part of being human is learning from our mistakes. Since you are striving for mental health, you know what it takes to fall and get back up again. Some people may think that going through treatment means that you have to be perfect, or else…

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Choose to Live or Choose to Thrive

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When you have mental health issues, it feels like all you are doing is just trying to keep your head above water. But why stop there? You have come this far, why just choose to survive when you can choose to thrive instead? Survival Skills In treatment, you learned how to improve your life from…

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Another Year, A New You

As 2019 comes to a close, you can look back on the changes you have made in your life. Every day that you have lived sober and mentally healthy is a testament to how amazing you are. You are actively choosing, every day, to be a better person, to live a better life, and to…

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About Last Summer

You came, you worked, you laughed, and you cried. Embark Behavioral Health is more than just a day camp or summer camp, though. The work you did here was meant to change the way you think, the way you view life, and to change your actual life. Not just now, but forever. Hopefully, you also…

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Standing on My Own

Just like a toddler learning to walk, recovering from mental illness or substance use can be like learning something for the first time, too. Sure, we thought we knew how to do life. But then we realized that we weren’t actually walking, we were limping or crawling mentally. Now we have taken the first steps…

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6 Tips for Holiday Self-Care

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Is your teen or young adult who’s gone through mental health or substance use treatment stressing out about family dynamics during the holidays? Share this blog post, which has several self-care tips to support their mental health as December winds down and New Year’s Eve approaches.  The holidays can be wonderful, and it can be great to be around family. But with the extra stressors at this time of the year, even the closest-knit families can be challenged, and drama of…

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