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Mental Health: More Than Just a New Year’s Resolution

Last Updated: December 2020

December is often the month that we reflect on the year that has passed, as well as look towards the future. It is the time to ask: are you and your family mentally healthy and prepared for the year ahead?

Being mentally healthy is more than just a New Year’s resolution, it is a new way of life.

Whether it is finding your teenage daughter or son the care they need or helping him or her go through mental health treatment, choosing mental health means becoming emotionally, mentally and physically healthier – both as an individual and family, in 2021.

Now Is the Time for Change

What hasn’t been working for you, your child or your family this year? Whether it was dealing with anxiety, your teen’s depression, a mental health diagnosis, or any combination thereof, a change is needed. The time to change and choose a new road for your family is now.

While others are making resolutions to drink less coffee, eat less sugar or lose five pounds, you have the opportunity to choose yourself, your child and your family’s mental health.

Now is the perfect time to choose to change, and there is an opportunity to do it in an outpatient program, as well. This allows your child to stay close to you, your community and home while receiving treatment. Embark Behavioral Health outpatient treatment programs are truly designed with your family in mind.

More Than a New Year’s Resolution: Committing to Your Family’s Mental Health

The first step to take is to make the call and inquire about mental health treatment for teenagers. When you do, you will be committing to your child and family’s mental health. You will be doing this to change your teen’s life – and nothing could be as important as their health.

When you and your child choose to commit to a program that helps improve their mental and physical health, know that it may get difficult at times.

It can be tough to work through both individual and familial issues, but fortunately, we will be there to assist you every step of the way on your child’s journey.

We use Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which is a type of therapy that has been tremendously successful in treating mental health in teenagers. DBT teaches teens to look at things differently, to communicate and manage their emotions better, as well as to manage stress better.

The combination of skills learned and types of therapy are very powerful, and they will help your child to change who they are and truly start over. How great is that for a resolution in 2021?

Using Mental Health Treatment as a Foundation for the Future

This opportunity can be a foundation for the rest of your child’s life. The experiences that they will have and the skills they will gain can change their life forever.

Through mental health treatment, your teenager will have time to focus, every day, on their emotional, mental and physical health. They will also see that they are not alone. There are others just like them. They can walk this journey together, and maybe even make and keep new friends.

Your family has the chance to learn, too. You will each be in charge of your own experiences, but if you choose to participate, you are committing to your child and their long-term health. The communication skills that your family can learn may amaze all of you, and can even create a level of familial communication that you’d never dream possible today.

If you and your child choose mental health treatment, know that Embark is here for you. We will help facilitate your teenager and family’s growth and learning – every step of the way.

This year, go further than just making a resolution for the New Year and change your and your child’s life by prioritizing their mental health.

You can contact Embark or learn more about insurance options for mental health treatment here.

Make 2021 the first of many successful years to come.

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