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Create Your Life Worth Living

Adolescence can be very, very challenging. There are so many changes, so many decisions, and so many pressures, but it can also be fun! You can be active, have friends, even fall in love. Those two scenarios may seem worlds apart, especially if you suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction, or other conditions that impact your mental and physical health. Happiness may seem like a faraway dream. But the good news is that you can have it all. When you reach out for help, you can access the fun, happy, active life of your dreams. Learn how to create your life worth living.

Conditions that Weigh Us Down

Depression. Addiction. Anxiety. Body Shaming. Suicidal Thoughts. Loneliness. Trauma. Stress from our families. Stress from school. Stress about our future. All of these things and more can steal your youth from you, steal your life’s purpose. These conditions and situations go well beyond teenage problems. Many of them are literally life-threatening. You may think that you are supposed to solve these problems alone, but many of them cannot be solved without medical or therapeutic intervention.

Think of it as a sunburn. If your sunscreen wears off and your nose gets a little pink, it will hurt for a day or so, but in a few days, it will heal up and be forgotten. But if you forgot your sunscreen altogether and were out in the sun all day, you may have to get medical treatment for what could be a serious sunburn. The sooner you get help, the better and faster you can heal, and the less long-term damage you will have.

Mental health conditions are like serious sunburns. They don’t resolve themselves, they can actually get worse without medical help, and can impact you long-term or even for your life. It is not uncommon to need some extra help, especially with everything else that is going on during adolescence. Also just like the sunburn, the sooner you get help, the better and faster you can heal.

Traditions that Don’t Lift Us Up

Traditional types of therapy for many mental health conditions has helped millions of people lead happier and more productive lives. However, many types of treatment are not as user-friendly as they could be. If you have ever been hospitalized, been in residential treatment, group therapy, or even individual therapy, you’ll know that there is a lot of sitting around and talking. That is still more productive than no help at all. But imagine if there was a type of treatment that offered something a little more hands-on?

Active Therapy

There actually are more active treatment options now. They are built around the idea of getting outdoors and having experiences and activities that are fun, engaging, and still help you to heal and learn new mental and emotional skills at the same time. You can interact with other people, many of whom are going through similar things as you. You also get life experiences, things you can put on your resume or college application, too. This type of active therapy is very powerful because not everyone learns well by sitting and talking. Differentiated learning, when there are a variety of teaching methods to try to reach people who learn in different ways, is very common in education now. It’s time you get those same opportunities in treatment, too. Treatment just got a whole lot more interesting.

Relatable People

When you have a need for a doctor, you don’t always get to choose the smartest, kindest, youngest, and most helpful one. You get whatever specialist is on duty. But therapy should be different. You need someone who is relatable, trustworthy, maybe someone who has gone through recovery or treatment themselves, and someone who understands what it is like to be young, scared, and in pain. Bonus points if they are funny or interested in the same things you are. The bare minimum you should ask for is that they are interested in you. Genuinely invested in your happiness. The best treatment programs hire people like this for you, because you will heal faster and better.

Flexible Access

You want to get treatment as soon as possible so you can heal faster, but sometimes access to programs is difficult. That’s why you can look for outpatient programs that allow you to still attend school or work, live with your family, and also get the help you need at the same time. When you seek treatment early, you can still access outpatient care instead of waiting until things get so serious that your only option is residential treatment.

No Excuses

If there is a program like this in your city, then you have no excuses. You can be active while healing, have good, relatable people, and have the access to be able to get help while still living your life. You can make that call right now, and be one step closer to your dream life, a life worth living.

You are not supposed to feel alone, depressed, suicidal, stressed out, anxious, ashamed, or be abusing substances. You are supposed to be trying new things, exploring your world, having fun, making friends, and maybe even falling in love. This is the life that you can create, your own life worth living. Reach out for help today to start living the dream. You are worth finding a healthy, happy life now when you are still young enough to enjoy it.

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