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Winning the Battle Against Meth

Methamphetamine is one of the most addictive drugs commonly used for recreational use. It is easy to ingest, it is easier to access now with a resurgence in supply, and yet it is also one of the hardest to recover from. Not only are the withdrawals and cravings brutal, but there can be lasting damage to your health, too. If you are on the recovery path from this powerful substance, then you are winning the battle against meth.

Coming Clean

All addiction is heartbreaking. One of the best gifts that we have in this life is our free agency. When you begin to use substances for any reason, you start handing over that freedom to the substance and the overwhelming and powerful desires to acquire more of that substance.
In the case of meth, crystal meth, speed, ice, blue, or whatever you called it, you might have been hooked after the first try. It is an incredibly powerful stimulant that can produce strong cravings after just one time. As you well know, the more you used it and the more often, the hold the substance had on you became exponentially stronger.
Because it is such a dangerous drug, too, you were possibly lucky to come out of meth addiction alive, even if you only used it for a short time. But the important thing is that you made that choice to come clean. 

Powerfully Recovering

As powerful as meth is, you are more powerful. Not only did you make the choice to break your addiction, but you also followed through with that choice, no matter how incredibly difficult it was. You survived the initial withdrawal, and you have resisted the powerful cravings thus far. So you are winning that battle. 
The battlefront has possibly seen you endure pain, anxiety, fatigue, immense cravings, and possibly delusions or other psychotic symptoms. That is not a battle most people want to fight. If you had the power to opt out of it, you probably wanted to opt out a thousand times. Possibly even during the addiction stage of the battle, too.
As a warrior in recovery, you endured the physical side effects and health problems that came along with this powerful drug. You broke free of the demanding physical bands of meth addiction. Never forget that. Whatever society lectures and judges you about addiction, until they have walked in the path of recovery from meth addiction, they don’t even know what a superhero is. You are amazing.

Healing from Within

The physical part of your recovery takes great physical strength and endurance. However, the emotional and mental recovery is even more difficult. If you were turning to meth for escape, chances are that you were holding on to some very intense pain. To heal from that takes fortitude that is unparalleled. And yet, you did it.
By healing from within, you have given yourself the greatest chances for success in your addiction recovery. The initial work is harder and more intense than just finding sobriety. But as you faced your pain head-on, like the warrior that you are, you got to the core of your pain, defeated the big monster, and won that battle, too. Your healing from within gave you a warrior’s heart, to go with your warrior body.

Staying Strong

Now, the biggest challenge yet awaits you: staying strong. It doesn’t hit all at once, like the physical meth withdrawal symptoms. It doesn’t bubble up inside of you for years, and then get vanquished like your pain. Rather, staying strong requires you to be always on the lookout for triggers. You must be hypervigilant about cravings. You must take care of yourself every single day in order to win this battle. You must fight daily, and endure to the end. Staying strong isn’t as immediately difficult, but rather a battle of endurance that only a true warrior can win.

Living Your Future

The best part about these battles that you are winning is that you are now armed and protected by the powerful tools and weapons you were given in treatment. You can practice everything you learned in therapy to deal with stress, emotions, or pain. You can pull out your shields that you gained in treatment to help you win the battles against cravings. Sometimes, it may just be some mindfulness meditation, other times, you may need to break out every shield you know of to get through a craving. But you can. You have the training, you have the skills, and you have the tools, too. You are battle-experienced, and you are living your future as a warrior.
Battling meth addiction is a fight that no one envies. But you have risen to the occasion, and you have come out on the other side sober. You have battled hard to confront the pain you initially were trying to escape with meth in the first place. And you won that, too. Now you are winning the constant battle of endurance and staying strong. As you continue your personal conquest, hopefully, it will get a little easier every day. You can step into your future with strength, wisdom, and the weapons and tools to defend your recovery ferociously. You are a warrior, and this battle is yours to win.

Superheroes have nothing on someone who has recovered from meth. If you feel like you could use a little extra support in the battle, call Embark Behavioral Health at 1-855-809-0409 today. 

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