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Join our host, Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer of Embark Behavioral Health, as he provides an overview of what to expect when you tune into Embark Sessions.

In each episode of Sessions, Rob will share his expertise and insights on today’s most critical mental health issues relating to teens, young adults, and families. You’ll get comprehensive analysis and interviews with mental health professionals so you can stay at the forefront of current trends and research, empowering you to best serve — or support — the young people in your life.

Our monthly podcast will dive deep into a range of topics including cutting-edge therapies, psychology, and stories from industry experts.

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About Rob

Rob Gent, M.A. LPC, is the Chief Clinical Officer and one of the founding members of Embark Behavioral Health. Rob has been with the company for 15 years and has led the Embark organization in clinical development and growth of numerous programs. He is the lead developer of the proprietary CASA Developmental Framework, which is pervasive throughout Embark’s programs.

Through his dedication to advancing clinical development, practice, and research, he has become a nationally recognized expert in the field. His specialization in clinical development is enhanced by his therapeutic expertise and has yielded such accomplishments as the development of; The CASA Developmental Framework, Vive Family Intensive Program, Calo Preteens, Canine Attachment Therapy-Transferable Attachment Program, and other specialized programs.

Rob’s dedication has led him to pursue his Ph.D in Psychology with an emphasis on development and attachment. He remains passionate about neurological, psychological, and physiological development and continues to focus on advancing research and the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

He resides in Tempe, Arizona, with his wife and two boys.