Embark Behavioral Health Launches Podcasts Addressing Youth Mental Health

Mental and Behavioral Health Provider Announces Two Shows, Bolsters Organizational Goal of Leading the Way In Taking Teen and Young Adult Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide to All-Time Lows by 2028

PHOENIX — June 23, 2022 — Embark Behavioral Health, a leading network of mental health treatment programs, announced today the launch of two monthly podcasts that will discuss critical issues facing young people and their families. “Roadmap to Joy” and “Embark Sessions” will provide expert interviews and advice on important mental health topics facing teens and young adults today.

“Our young people are consuming more media, feeling pressure to ‘do more,’ engaging in fewer deep relationships, and feeling the need to keep up with everybody else. This stress, combined with a lack of vulnerability and connection, has contributed to a rise in anxiety and depression that we must address,” said Alex Stavros, CEO of Embark Behavioral Health. “At Embark, we’ve made it our mission to lead the way in taking teen and young adult anxiety, depression, and suicide from the all-time highs of today to all-time lows by 2028. The podcast field is missing great content covering these critical issues. And these new podcasts are an important part of our big goal. They allow us to reach, educate, and encourage people around the country to have these important conversations.”

Embark Chief Clinical Officer Rob Gent, who hosts “Embark Sessions,” also sees great value in the podcasts.

“We developed ‘Embark Sessions’ and ‘Roadmap to Joy’ to provide expert perspectives, resources, and recommendations to those who are personally and professionally interested in youth mental and behavioral health,” he said. “The podcasts exist to capture the hearts, minds, and resourcefulness of these people, especially the families who are affected by issues associated with anxiety, depression, and suicidality.”

‘Roadmap to Joy’

“Roadmap to Joy” will address teens and young adults’ friends, families, and community connections — such as teachers and sports coaches — who want to learn about the urgent mental health crisis affecting these young people. Focused on the issues that are driving this crisis, along with potential solutions, this podcast will provide expert resources, great conversations, and relevant tips.

“Roadmap to Joy” will include interviews with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and parents along with discussions around relevant topics to help listeners stay informed so they can support the teens or young adults in their life.

In the first episode of “Roadmap to Joy,” which released June 22, Stavros and Gent discuss the youth mental health crisis and the importance of secure family relationships. They also offer advice for how parents should talk to their children about tragic events like school shootings.

‘Embark Sessions’

“Embark Sessions” will focus on behavioral health professionals and those passionate about emotional well-being. Gent, who hosts the podcast, will share his expertise and insight on the most pressing mental and behavioral health topics regarding teens and young adults. Extensive analysis and interviews with industry professionals will help listeners stay informed about current trends and research, allowing them to best support the young people in their lives or under their care.

In the first episode of “Embark Sessions,” which releases in July, Gent discusses how the podcast will spotlight mental health professionals by sharing their stories — and shares some of his personal story as well.

How To Watch and Listen

The new Embark Behavioral Health podcasts will be available to watch at the Embark website, with an audio version available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

For more information about Embark Behavioral Health, please visit www.www.embarkbh.com.

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