What Parents Need To Know When Their Adolescent Has Depression

Mother parents her adolescent daughter who has depression.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2019, 15.7% of adolescents ages 12-17 experienced at least one major depressive episode. That’s no small number, especially when you consider that depression can have a major impact on a teen’s ability to function and thrive.   Teen mental health has come into even sharper focus recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a U.S. surgeon general…

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Ask A Therapist: What Do I Do If My Child Is Getting Bullied Online?

Close up portrait girl student looking at laptop computer screen

As parents and guardians, bullying looks dramatically different for today’s kids compared to what we may have experienced. For starters, bullying isn’t just present in the school or at the local hangouts anymore — it can now follow our kids wherever they go. Furthermore, cyberbullying allows this threat to extend outside of the child’s peer group to complete strangers.   Scott Boice, clinical director…

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Should You Punish Your Child?

behavioral health

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the way you respond to your child’s behavior can have a lasting effect, shaping how the child thinks, acts, feels, and engages with others long into adulthood. Therefore, it’s imperative that you develop effective strategies to address behaviors and teach them to control their reactions to avoid harm or…

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How Can I Help My Friends and Family Who are Fostering?

Woman and foster child

Foster care is an issue that is dear to us at Embark Behavioral Health because many of our clients have gone through foster care and adoption experiences. We work hard to help them navigate the emotions, the trauma, and the complicated relationships that these experiences bring into their lives.  There are over 430,000 children in foster care,…

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