Staying Strong After Treatment

After surviving mental health and/or substance use issues, you did the work you needed to get through treatment. Some people feel much stronger immediately after treatment, particularly in comparison to where they started. Staying strong after treatment is another thing altogether, because life happens. As you get back into life and everyday problems as well…

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Living Strong

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No one is perfect. We are all human beings, and part of being human is learning from our mistakes. Since you are striving for mental health, you know what it takes to fall and get back up again. Some people may think that going through treatment means that you have to be perfect, or else…

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miracles featured

Maybe your mind works like mine. Maybe you are skeptical of stories like this. Read on and see what you think. I have an old silver dollar I keep in a red velvet case. It was my Grandfather’s. He bought a bunch of them after they stopped making silver coins. After he died, my Grandmother…

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