The Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries With Your Teen

Mother who sets healthy boundaries enjoys yoga with teenager.

When teens and young adults are facing mental health issues, they need a healthy, safe, and secure environment. Setting boundaries is essential to creating this type of environment. When children predictably and reliably experience acceptance in the form of boundaries, consistent and safe nurturing, and responsiveness from a trusted caregiver, they internalize the experience of having inherent self-worth and value.   Using Commitment, Acceptance,…

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Ask a Therapist: My Teen Is Acting Out. What Should I Do?

Two teenage girls laughing and thinking about acting out.

Ask a Therapist: My teen ran away and stayed out with friends all night again, drinking and smoking. I’m concerned about these behavioral problems and wonder if they are warning signs. What should I do? What should I say to address the negative behavior?  Emily Thelen, clinical director at Milestones by Chrysalis, has answers for you. She acknowledged that it’s hard to be a parent because no two teens are…

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Mental Health Care Tips for Dads With Teens

Male teenager and his father sitting on stone near lake and talking about life

When things seem to come unraveled, and your teen needs mental health care, it’s hard to know what to do and how to seek help.  Parenting a child who struggles with mental health can elicit a range of emotions, some of which can lead to counterproductive outcomes. When you feel out of control, helpless, and uncertain about your…

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How to Actually Listen to Your Teen

Teenager son and senior father sitting on stairs outdoors at home, talking.

School, friends, social media, even wanting something new to wear from a particular brand of clothes – no matter how huge or trivial the topic, the conversations you have with your teen are vital opportunities to build an emotional connection.  To make sure that your teen knows you are hearing them, try using these two strategies while being an…

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