Can Social Media Be a Positive Influence on Teens?

Group of teens enjoying the benefits of social media.

Social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram play a large role in the lives of teens. We hear about the risks all the time, such as Internet addiction, cyberbullies, scammers, and predators. But we don’t always hear about the benefits of social media and the many aspects of social media that are positive…

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5 Solid Steps to Guard Your Teen Against Social Media Addiction and Other Online Threats

Happy teenager using smart phone and smiling on sofa living room at home. Teen holding and using cellphone for searching data and social media on internet.

Parents are concerned about social media addiction and how much time their teens spend on social networking sites. Seeing their kids on their phones or in front of their laptops frequently may lead parents to wonder, “Do we have an internet addiction problem?”  The Negative Effects of Social Media Use   The use of social media and technology keeps us connected to family and friends who…

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media’s Effects on Teens

Teenage friends sitting on a pavement holding their mobile phones. Cheerful college boys and girls having fun talking sitting outdoors in a street.

Social media can affect teens in different ways — it can impact them emotionally, socially, physiologically, and psychologically. It can be a powerful tool that helps those who struggle to meet new people form connections or allows curious teens to explore and learn about topics of interest. It can also be a positive outlet for self-expression, creativity, support, community, and media literacy.  But, social media accounts can also negatively influence…

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When Social Media Attacks

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Look around you. At any given time, someone within 30 feet of you is likely viewing some type of social media. You connect with it, you learn from it, and watch your idols through it. Social media has so many powerful forces for good, and some questionable influences, too. But what happens when you become…

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The Power of Social Media

This is not another article from an adult telling adolescents that social media is bad. In fact, it’s the opposite. Social media can be a powerful tool for change. We often hear how much time is wasted on social media, or how many people are abused or bullied. However, less reported are the positive uses…

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Using Social Media as Your Superpower

The headlines always focus on the negatives of social media. There are always stories of cyberbullying and abuse, often transferring into real-life tragedies. Or there are stories about social media being a negative influence on people, or how much time is “wasted” on social media. It’s about time that you start making headlines for using…

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Technology Versus Reality

Virtual Reality used to be a dream, but now it is actually a reality. Perhaps in more ways than one. With how dependent we have become on technology for school, work, entertainment, and communication, our realities are practically all virtual now, we are always looking at a screen somewhere. Do we still know the difference…

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