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Teen struggling with passive suicidal ideation has suicidal thoughts while spending time with friends.

Passive Suicidal Ideation: How To Identify It and Help Teens

Learn about passive suicidal ideation, including its symptoms, signs, causes, risk factors, differences from active suicidal thoughts, and how to help teens.

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Teen who lost a friend talks about suicide grief with parent.

Suicide Grief: How To Help Your Teen Cope With Loss

Learn what suicide grief is, the emotions of grief, suicide survivor PTSD and guilt, and how to help your teen cope after a loss.

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College athlete grateful to have overcome suicidal thoughts.

College Athletes and Suicide: What Parents Must Know So They Can Help

Learn how college athletics and suicide are connected and 5 ways to protect your teen’s mental health during college sports.

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Teens discuss suicide clusters while walking to school.

Teen Suicide Clusters: A Dangerous Problem 

Learn what a suicide cluster is, what causes it, the age groups most affected by suicide contagion, and how it can be prevented.

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Caucasian Mother and Daughter bonding and hugging while enjoying the beautiful view after a mountain hike during sunset.

What Parents Need to Know About Preventing the Tragedy of Teen Suicide

September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  When a teen resorts to suicide and parents, family members, and friends are left…

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Father and teen son discuss suicide prevention techniques they can use.

Suicide Prevention: How Safety Plans Can Help Teens

Learn about the alarming teen suicide rates, suicide warning signs and risk factors, and how safety plans can help teens.

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What Is Suicidal Ideation in Teens?

Last Updated: March 2021 Suicidal ideation is an all-encompassing term that means having thoughts of suicide.* These thoughts can range…

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