Protecting Your Teen from Self-Medication

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As teenagers grow and seek new experiences, parents begin to worry about the risks associated with these new experiences. Teen substance abuse can have a substantial negative impact on the lives of teens and their families, leading to addiction, co-occurring mental illness, and even death. Learn more about self-medication, substance abuse, and addiction in teens,…

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What Does It Mean to Be a “Normal” Teenager?

What is a Normal Teenager

Since the beginning of time, people have been marginalized, mocked and even persecuted for being different than ‘normal’. At the same time, throughout history, the definition of ‘normal’ has evolved, constantly changing with each generation. But, the truth is, that we are all different and we all say and do things that are considered ‘abnormal’.…

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Why Do I Need to Choose My Career Now?

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The average age most people start their careers is their early 20’s. For some of you, that can seem so far away. There are so many YouTube videos to watch or even make, and Instagram might not even be a thing by then. You have enough stressors in your life now, anyway. So why do…

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Why Is Meth So Dangerous?

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There are so many drugs out there being used recreationally, and each one has their own set of dangers. Any time you ingest some type of controlled substance without a doctor’s supervision to know exactly what it is that you are taking, the potency of the drug, as well as the amount and frequency, you…

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What is Therapy in Treatment?

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As you are looking into treatment for mental health or substance use issues, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, what is therapy in treatment? Therapy consists of talk therapy or perhaps other types of therapies that are helpful in the healing process. Your therapist is licensed and trained, and many of them specialize…

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Is Social Anxiety Real?

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You hear them beginning your introduction and you know that in just moments you will have to walk up to the microphone, in front of all of those people, and open your mouth and force words to come out. You are sweating profusely. Your heart is pounding. Your legs are shaking. You think you might…

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Can I Become an Advocate for Mental Health?

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You’ve been there, done that. You have been depressed, suffered from anxiety, and/or dealt with substance use. And you remember how it felt to do it alone. The loneliness just made it all that much more unbearable. You wish you had someone who knew what you were going through. Someone close to your age who…

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Do I Need to Be Hospitalized?

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Life is fragile. Even more so when you have a mental health issue or substance use or both. This is true especially due to the fact that your brain is the control center for your body, so if it is not functioning correctly, you have no internal way of knowing if you need help or…

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Can Creativity Help Me Heal?

Creative Therapy 40

Sometimes coming out of depression, anxiety, or substance use can feel like you have been in a dark box, locked away, without light. It may seem hard for you to let the light in again. Life can feel overwhelming when you are looking to find mental health again. There were so many things that you…

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Is There a Reason Why School Is So Hard for Me?

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For as long as you can remember, school was so hard. You wanted to do anything to avoid it, including avoiding homework. You still worked hard, because you really wanted to make your parents proud of you. Unfortunately, getting A’s in anything besides PE or maybe art class was just impossible for you. As you’ve…

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Does My Family Need Therapy, Too?

Family enjoys time together after talking about mental health treatment for anxiety and depression at Embark Behavioral Health.

If you have depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, or if you are struggling with substance abuse, you have probably realized by now that you need help beyond what you have had access to. However, what you may not have realized is that your struggles also impact your family. They may not understand your…

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