Ask a Therapist: My Teen Is Acting Out. What Should I Do?

Two teenage girls laughing and thinking about acting out.

Ask a Therapist: My teen ran away and stayed out with friends all night again, drinking and smoking. I’m concerned about these behavioral problems and wonder if they are warning signs. What should I do? What should I say to address the negative behavior?  Emily Thelen, clinical director at Milestones by Chrysalis, has answers for you. She acknowledged that it’s hard to be a parent because no two teens are…

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Ask A Therapist: What Do I Do If My Child Is Getting Bullied Online?

Close up portrait girl student looking at laptop computer screen

As parents and guardians, bullying looks dramatically different for today’s kids compared to what we may have experienced. For starters, bullying isn’t just present in the school or at the local hangouts anymore — it can now follow our kids wherever they go. Furthermore, cyberbullying allows this threat to extend outside of the child’s peer group to complete strangers.   Scott Boice, clinical director…

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Can I Become Addicted to Marijuana?

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Marijuana is more commonplace than ever before, especially since there are so many places where it is now legal to carry and use for recreational purposes. Despite the fact that it is still not legal for those under the age of 21 to use marijuana, more adolescents are using it than ever before, too. However,…

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Do I Have to Love My Family?

They raised us, annoyed us, fed us, and also made us fed up. Not that we had a choice, but they are our family. Every family is unique as every individual is, too, and the way we interact with our families is also like no one else’s relationships with their families. But do I really…

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