A Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Chrysalis is a therapeutic boarding school for girls located in stunning northwest Montana. By removing distractions and giving girls ages 13-18 room to heal, we help each student find her inner strengths and discover the best way to share those strengths with others through unique life-affirming adventures. 

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Services and Therapies Offered

Our behavioral school personalizes each aspect of treatment, offering: 

  • A full academic program. 
  • Therapy from experienced therapists. 
  • Adventure therapy activities 
  • International and recreational travel. 
  • Service work.  

Conditions We Treat

Our Therapeutic Treatment Environment

Specializing in family-style living and relationship development, we foster an environment that supports identity development, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging. Our therapeutic boarding school also has a transitional living program where students can attend public school, get a job, and more.

Lake next to the Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school for girls in Eureka, Montana.
Lake next to the Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school for girls in Eureka, Montana.

Who We Treat

Many students who come to our therapy program struggle with forming healthy habits at home and in their social groups. They may have made poor choices leading to confusion and a loss of self-esteem and are commonly dealing with anxiety, body image issues, depression, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, learning struggles, mild attachment issues, poor relationships, and stress- and trauma-related conditions.

Adolescent girls enrolled in treatment at therapeutic boarding school in Eureka, Montana.

Please note: We don’t provide primary treatment for eating disorders or self-harm.

Therapeutic Activities at Chrysalis

Our therapeutic school’s serene location in the Montana wilderness allows students to stay active and gain mastery in several different activities. They discover new talents that build confidence, from boating, biking, hiking, and rafting to downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Girls in therapeutic boarding school on a ski trip.
Girl at therapeutic boarding school snowboarding as a therapeutic activity to help with depression.
Girls in therapeutic boarding school feeling relief from anxiety on healing ski trip.
Adolescent student rock climbing in Eureka, Montana boarding school.

A Healing Location in Montana

Girl students canooeing to help with anxiety and depression at boarding school.

Our behavioral school’s calm and peaceful setting on a lake amid Montana’s majestic Rocky Mountains is a gentle reminder to students that life is truly an adventure. They are encouraged to unplug from urban stressors so they can find balance, healing, and peace. 

Boarding School Living for Girls

The Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school provides students with a personalized approach to teacher-led academics while they’re receiving therapy. Our certified teachers instruct small classes through focused academics, and teens earn credit year-round, finding or rekindling a love of learning that will serve them throughout their lives. 

Teen and adolescent girls going to therapeutic boarding school in Montana.

Additionally, students live in homes rather than dorms and can decorate their living space. This lifestyle encourages them to work together to build friendships and examine old living patterns that prevented growth. 

Healing Travel for Girls

Chrysalis is the only therapeutic boarding school that guarantees students one international trip during their stay — at no extra cost. Believing that exposure to other cultures is vital to a well-rounded life and that travel is an invaluable experience, our therapeutic boarding school empowers girls to navigate international travel, continuing to build confidence that carries over into their everyday lives. 

Therapist and teen girls in therapeutic boarding school on an experiential activity trip.

Our Therapists

Our therapists have at least a master’s degree level of expertise and encourage students to develop healthy, safe relationships and positive lifelong habits. Through building connections and healing wounds, therapists work with each student to improve family relationships. Family therapy is an integral part of our therapeutic program, and families are involved in weekly therapy along with parent/child retreats and family workshops.  

Transitional Living at Milestones

If your student has attended prior treatment programs and needs the structure and support of a transition program, Chrysalis also offers transitional living. Located in the heart of Eureka, Montana, Milestones provides care to adolescents and teens struggling with mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.

Milestones students attend the local public high school or community college, obtain jobs in the community, learn independent living skills, receive individual, group, and family therapy, all while living in our cozy homes near downtown Kalispell.

Logo for transitional living program in Montana, Milestones.

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Teen girl in boarding school in Montana getting treatment for depression.