Kendra Meiklejohn

Kendra Meiklejohn

Kendra Meiklejohn, MS, LCSW

Clinical Director

Kendra Meiklejohn, LCSW, Clinical Director, was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Montana, where she developed a deep appreciation for the natural world. She earned a Dual Masters degree in Social Work and Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Health from Southwestern College, Kendra is highly trained in various therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, CBT, DBT, and mindfulness. With her extensive experience and training in wilderness therapy, Kendra has spent over 1500 field days as a guide, mentoring young women, and utilizing the natural world to enhance self-awareness and agency.

Kendra is also passionate about challenging preconceived notions, loving her community and family, and exploring the world around her. In her practice, she strives to provide a trauma-informed approach to therapy while relying on the healing power of wildness, kinesthetic/adventure therapy, and a fostering a strong therapeutic alliance. Kendra believes that eternal optimism is key to facing the tough and arduous work necessary to a well-lived life.


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