Stacey Waites

Stacey Waites

Stacey Waites, LCSW


Stacey received her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Mississippi College and her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has worked as the Director of Social Services for Vicksburg Medical Center, served as a college professor, and operated a psychotherapeutic private practice. She has worked with youth, chancery, and circuit courts to facilitate and assist in psychiatric assessments for those needing voluntary and involuntary treatment. She has also worked with numerous hospice agencies, and was the Program Coordinator for the Domestic Violence Victim’s Empowerment Program for the Vicksburg Municipal Court. Stacey has been a marriage, family, individual, and group therapist throughout her career. She specialized in facilitating griefwork, teaching coping skills, and treatment of depression and adjustment and anxiety disorders. Her clinical expertise included CTTP, CBT, Mindfulness, and RET, among others.

Stacey has a heart for volunteering, supporting non-profits and giving back to her community. She has an adventurer’s spirit, and is up for just about any challenge. She is happiest outdoors and loves riding her beloved horses, hiking, camping, kayaking, scuba diving and the beauty and tranquility of the beach and the majesty of trees. She is also passionate about her family, friends, giving gifts and the unmitigated joy of eating ice cream. She encourages service over self and unconditional acceptance of and respect for others. With all of her skill and experience, Stacey believes that sometimes healing lies in the simple power of silence and a hug. Stacey finds great peace in the company of her incredible children and her loving husband.


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