Embark Behavioral Health Inaugural Outcomes Report Shows Clients Experience Reduced Anxiety and Depression, Improved Well-Being

Leading Network of Outpatient Centers and Residential Programs Focused on Teens and Young Adults Highlights Key Clinical Data

CHANDLER, Ariz. Aug. 24, 2023 — Embark Behavioral Health, a leading network of mental health treatment programs for young people and their families, has released its first-ever clinical outcomes report, which highlights the effective and lasting change it’s creating for preteens, teens, young adults, and their families through outpatient and residential treatment programs. 

“This report demonstrates that the evidence-based Embark Behavioral Health treatment approach is effective for decreasing anxiety, depression, and distress associated with the high rates of suicide while increasing healthy development and well-being,” said Embark Behavioral Health Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Rob Gent, who has a doctorate in psychology. “This report additionally highlights the use of validated measurement tools and surveys to not only measure progress over time but also to accurately inform treatment in real time to optimize clients’ results, which is a key differentiator of Embark.” 

The outcomes report offers a plethora of valuable data about how Embark is helping its clients and their families heal. 

Suicide Risk

Upon admission in 2022, 52% of clients reported some thoughts of suicide. At discharge, the average client reported no thoughts of suicide.  

Long-Term Residential Treatment

Long-term residential clients and parents reported a high level of improvement in daily functioning and lower distress. They indicated similar progress for anxiety and depression symptoms. Specific findings include: 

  • At discharge, 89% of clients experienced improved family functioning.  
  • At discharge, 72% of clients reported improved depression symptoms, with the average client experiencing a 44% decrease from admit to discharge. 
  • At 180 days post-discharge, 71% of clients reported less distress. 

Short-Term Residential Treatment

Short-term residential clients saw an immediate improvement in anxiety, depression, overall functioning, and relationships. Specific findings include:  

  • At discharge, 75% of clients experienced improved family distress.  
  • At discharge, 80% of clients experienced improved depression symptoms, with the average client reporting a 49% decrease.  
  • Upon discharge, 83% of clients reported less distress. 

Outpatient Therapy 

Data from outpatient clinics indicate strong improvements in behavioral functioning, distress, anxiety, depression, and well-being. Specific findings include: 

  • After discharging, 73% of clients reported less distress.  
  • Regarding depression, 77% of clients reduced their depression symptoms.  
  • At discharge, 81% of outpatient clients experienced a reduction in anxiety.  

Future Research Directions

Moving forward, Embark will continue researching post-discharge treatment effectiveness for up to two years after treatment. To improve holistic health, the company is examining the relationship between several biological functions (sleep, nutrition, exercise, and heart rate variability) and relational and emotional health. The goal is to contribute to the scientific understanding of how these functions can improve overall well-being. 

For more information on treatment options and the Embark Behavioral Health continuum of care offered for preteens, teens, and young adults, visit www.embarkbh.com.

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