Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is a nationally recognized outdoor behavioral healthcare and trauma-informed wilderness therapy in the majestic Cascade mountain range of Central Oregon, that provides preteens, teens and young adults immediate intervention and intensive mental health treatment. The wilderness experience allows teens, young adults and their families to have the opportunity to heal their relationships and foster personal growth.

New Vision sets the standard in therapeutic outdoor programming. All students are empowered to improve their decision-making skills and build healthy and safe relationships. Working both with the individual and the family, students at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy are encouraged to focus on their strengths and use those strengths to launch lasting change. Slowly expanding on each student’s emotional tolerance, New Vision does not support a shock approach. Instead, students are gradually introduced to the wilderness settings and have a series of introductions to elements, equipment and the staff.

Deschutes Wilderness Therapy has treatments that target three main areas. Centered on stabilizing through the nervous system and body, and not through words, New Vision primarily focuses on neurological release and somatic stabilization. Students are also taught to manage the inner world to change their outer world with emotional literacy and self-regulation training. Finally, the team at New Vision Deschutes works to heal relationships through attachment and relational immersion. This includes adventure and canine-assisted therapy.

Each student has access to the lead therapist at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy two days per week. They are automatically enrolled in New Vision Wilderness Academy and receive a clearly defined and categorized diagnosis. Each student’s adventure education experiences are tailored for their specific needs. Students also participate in individual and group therapy and leave with continuing care plan recommendations.

In addition to research-backed and outcomes-focused wilderness therapy, students develop deep relationships with each other and the staff, while also improving relationships with their families. Families have regular contact with their child’s therapist and also have an in-person family therapy session during their child’s stay. 

New Vision Wilderness also supports students academically by providing experiential learning and credit transfer to support their educational goals. Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is a nationally accredited school. The core curriculum is built into the daily structure and programming at New Vision with support from tutors when needed.

The experienced clinical team at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy is challenging industry standards by offering a professional, clinically intense, and affordable therapeutic model. 

Conditions We Treat

  • Anxiety
  • Mood Regulation
  • Family Conflict
  • Bullying
  • Other Mental Health Issues

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