Calo Preteens and Calo Teens have merged to create Calo Programs, the first residential treatment programs focused on adopted preteens and teens. The programs implement a true relational-based treatment approach to create change from the inside out – heart first and behavior second. Uniquely focused and well-equipped to treat students and families impacted by trauma occurring in developmental periods, Calo Programs helps students develop a healthy sense of self, and often address attachment issues.

Our students learn to develop attuned, empathetic and safe relationships through healthy, repetitive relational therapy. Implementing a relational treatment model, Calo uses evidence-based attachment research combined with the science of neurobiology to create real change. Their proprietary treatment approach is comprehensive and holistic, helping students find co-regulation and joy. Going beyond behavior modification, the specially trained staff at Calo seeks to understand what causes behaviors and feelings, correcting the core in an accepting and non-judgmental environment.

Calo Programs uses the Commitment, Acceptance, Secure, Attunement (CASA) Treatment Model to establish acceptance and security. Through the commitment and acceptance of caregivers, students can feel secure and attune, beginning to form healthy and safe relationships. The CASA Model is the neurobiological framework for creating secure relationships.

Students participate in weekly family and individual therapy, although at times, a crisis may change the frequency of the therapy. All therapists hold at least a Master’s Degree and therapy sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each family and student. Calo Programs rely on family support and encourage family members to visit every 4-8 weeks. Each student is also encouraged to call his or her family weekly. Additionally, Calo hosts 4 annual parent events to give families an opportunity to connect with others who are on the same journey while engaging therapeutically with their child and therapists.

Calo primarily helps students impacted by trauma such as from adoptions (or more accurately relinquishment from birth parents), chronic stress, disruptions in early childhood, and inconsistent care from caregivers. Most students at Calo have struggled to be in a healthy relationship with their family and/or peers, often experience emotional dysregulation, and have difficulty maintaining safe behavior at home or in school. Students come to Calo Programs struggling with adoption issues, identity issues, reactive attachment disorder, and/or personality disorders. The average stay for students is 12-15 months as they prioritize emotional, mental, behavioral, and physical health.

Calo Programs are open to both females and males. Calo has a preteen program for boys and girls between the ages of 10-13 while their teen program serves older teens, ages 14-18. Both programs use unique interventions like adventure therapy, canine therapy and neurofeedback therapy while also prioritizing academics and helping students balance the demands of life, play and school.

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