Stephanie Kerfoot

Stephanie Kerfoot

Dr. Stephanie Kerfoot, PsyD, LMFT

Clinical Director

Stephanie Kerfoot, Clinical Director of Embark Behavioral Health in Woodland Hills is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, UCLA Certified PEERS Facilitator, LAUSD Certified Functional Behavior Analysis Facilitator, and Certified Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor who has worn many hats while serving neurodivergent as well as neurotypical individuals. Over the course of her career, Stephanie has had the privilege of creating inviting and healing spaces for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs and their families to collaboratively work through their life’s challenges related to autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, intellectual challenges, emotional challenges, post-traumatic stress, and chemical dependency. Stephanie has also had the pleasure of contributing to a task force which designed a social, therapeutic, and educational program for the the LGBTQ+ Community and their families to find emotional success and belonging. Early in her career, Stephanie completed her internship working with dually diagnosed adults as well as with youth living in level 14 group homes and then continued in an administrative role to support adolescents on probationary status and who were detained in juvenile hall. Her most recent role was to strengthen underserved families with intensive needs to achieve placement stability. Stephanie’s vast array of experience with diverse populations in addition to her own multicultural background culminated in her overarching drive to forge a path which offers all individuals the opportunity to fully explore and freely express their rich and unique story. Stephanie is a strong advocate of self-care and nourishing relationships; free time is filled with colorful scrapbooking and warm game nights with family and friends.

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