Sofia Gonzalez Nunez

Sofia Gonzalez Nunez

Sofia Gonzalez Nunez, LMSW

Therapist - Ranch

Sofia (She/Her/Hers) earned her Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston with a concentration in Clinical Social Work. While in graduate school, Sofia worked closely with individuals with ADHD and ASD across different capacities within therapeutic and in clinical diagnostic settings. She also worked closely with young women in Juvenile Probation and their family systems. She has experience in research focusing on child development and she understands the impact early childhood experiences may have on an individual later in life.

Sofia believes that clients must feel understood to then be empowered to do the challenging work in their mental health journey. Healing is not linear and requires time, security, and the right strategies to help individuals understand their own internal experiences. While the therapy process requires the proper support, the client is the expert on their own personal growth. Nevertheless, Sofia is not afraid to advocate for the individual needs of the client and understands the importance of providing wholistic support during treatment.

Outside of work, Sofia enjoys cuddling with her 3 dogs, listening to music, and reading. She also likes to dedicate time to her loved ones and spending time outdoors.

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