Patricia Hudson-Henry

Patricia Hudson-Henry

Dr. Patricia Hudson-Henry, ASDI

Assistant Clinical Director

Meet Dr. Patricia Hudson-Henry, ASDI!

Dr. Patricia sees her life’s journey as one of empowerment and healing. As the Assistant Clinical Director at Cabin John, Dr. Patricia celebrates the opportunity to maintain a caseload and describes it as the most meaningful part of her day. She is passionate about her work and role in guiding clients toward self-discovery and growth. Dr. Patricia seeks to identify and work in the client’s happiest space where they are most adaptive to receiving validation and connection so that change is inevitable. Dr. Patricia enjoys exploring and growing with neurodiverse clients and their families. Dr. Patricia’s terminal degree is in clinical psychology with an emphasis on neuropsychology, which facilitates exploration in psychological and neuropsychological assessments. Before Embark Behavior Health, she worked as the Deputy Director of Psychology at Springfield Hospital, a forensic inpatient hospital. Dr. Patricia is an adjunct professor of psychology at Washington Adventist University in their graduate and undergraduate programs.

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