Naira Chehras


Naira Chehras, LMFT

Enrollment Director

Naira is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has been in the mental health field for the last 7 years. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University. During her master’s program, Naira worked with neurodivergent children providing behavioral and family therapy to clients and their families. There, she realized her passion for helping clients and families and pursued a life aimed towards growth and healing. She began her career providing therapeutic services utilizing CBT, DBT, and a variety of other approaches to children and their families within the community. She found fulfillment through her work with children and wanted to expand her experience to include working with individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Soon after, she began working at a treatment facility and acute psychiatric hospital providing services to patients in treatment with co-occurring diagnoses. Naira has since continued her work as a therapist working with a diverse range of clients and modalities. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, playing with her dog, and spending time with her loved ones.

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