Lindsey Walasek

Lindsey Walasek, MSW

Primary Therapist

Social worker by day, Wisconsin sports fan by night. Lindsey earned her BSW at UW-Oshkosh, focusing on social justice and followed this degree with her MSW, with a focus in trauma informed practice and human rights at Southern University of New York, Buffalo. Lindsey comes to us with a background working with youth with severe and persistent mental health diagnosis, individuals experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence, violence prevention and different realms of the child welfare system. Through these experiences, Lindsey has worked with a multitude of unique and diverse individuals, placing value in these traits and individuality in the therapeutic process. Through practice, Lindsey has developed a strong interest in incorporating non-deliberative practices (such as art, rhythm, movement, sound, and sensory approaches) and explores with clients if and how this would be beneficial in their process. Lindsey holds a strong belief that there is growth in connection and utilizes this belief while building rapport and continuing through the therapeutic process.

Though Lindsey grew up in Wisconsin, she has been in Oregon since 2017 and has been finding a sense of home while here. In her spare time, Lindsey spends most of her time with her animals, her dog Zen and Pluto her rabbit, as well as indulging her right brain with painting, creating mosaics, writing poetry, drawing, and singing like nobody is watching! Through the chains of change, Lindsey has found great comfort, meaning ,and guidance from the following statement, “when you’re headed in the right direction, the universe follows”.

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