Lauren Elmer

Lauren E

Lauren Elmer, MSW, LMSW


Holds a Master’s of Social Work from The Case Western Reserve University and is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Virginia. Prior to joining the team at Embark, Lauren has spent the past 10 years working with youth and adolescence as a Special Educator. Lauren’s journey into therapy was enriched by her hands-on experience in developing a specialized curriculum for teaching social-emotional skills to Autistic students. Her transition into therapy was a natural evolution, driven by the desire to provide an impactful and personalized approach to emotional and mental well-being. Her unique perspective, nurtured through years of supporting neurodiverse students and their families, brings a valuable insight to her practice. Lauren’s therapeutic philosophy centers around empathy, understanding and empowerment, firmly believing that ALL individuals have the innate strength to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. When Lauren is not working, she enjoys all things exercise and wellness. She ran her first full marathon last spring and has several shorter distance races planned for this year. Additionally, she is a passionate vegan and has a blast planning, preparing and cooking plant-based meals for herself and family.


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