Kathryn Nunez

Kathryn Nunez

Kathryn Nunez, LMFT


Before I became a therapist, I made my living as a performer. I have sung, acted, and “danced” (I’m more of a mover than a dancer, though I love it) in California and overseas. Performing is where I first found my voice and sense of self, which is what drew me to not just eventually become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but to study Drama Therapy and infuse the theatre arts into my therapy practice.

In the past 4+ years after graduate school, I have honed my skills as a clinician and learned so much about being a therapist and about myself. For instance, I learned that working with children and adolescents is not my jam, but I love, and am good at, and am at my best when working with young adults, adults, and families! I have experience working with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, unpacking childhood pain as it is held and experienced by adults, understanding issues specific to women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ communities and working with families to better understand the functioning and dysfunction of the family system.

I am passionate about people, their stories, and healing into the wounds of the past to allow for more freedom and beauty to flow in the present.

For fun, I love to travel, eat, drink, go to the movies, take my family to Disneyland to play and watch friends perform, spend time with friends and loved ones doing whatever, and doing nothing. I’m very good at doing nothing.

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