Jessi Frandsen

Jessi Frandsen

Jessi Frandsen, CSW

Therapist - Rosa Parks House

Jessi Frandsen, CSW, has a great sense of humor, which helps her build rapport and relationships quickly. She is dedicated, resilient and can pivot when needed. Jessi believes we all have a story from our personal experience, and we all store that differently in our body and mind and experience it in a variety of ways. She believes that exploring and understanding the way we experience life events are important to the healing process. Jessi is passionate about helping people tell their story, heal themselves, and their families.

Jessi received her Bachelors of Social Work from BYUI and her Masters of Social Work from BYU. She is trained in trauma, CBT, mood disorders, ERP, EFT substance use treatment and EMDR. Jessi came to New Haven with previous experience in the residential setting, she understands that working with different individuals who struggle with the same mental health disorders can impact each of them in a unique way, and they can respond differently to the same treatment. This is why building a solid relationship is imperative. New Haven is the perfect fit for Jessi as our relational model is key! Jessi has also worked for the Division of Child and Family Services. She was taught that more often than not, families are doing the best they can and when given support in the right ways, they will succeed.

When Jessi is not working at New Haven, she loves spending her time paddle boarding, hiking with her Husky/Doodle named Todd, reading books and building puzzles.

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