Jennifer McClure


Jennifer McClure

LAMFT Therapist

Jennifer McClure is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in Arizona. Originally from Cleveland, Jennifer attended Purdue University and The Family Institute at Northwestern before relocating to Phoenix in 2016. Jennifer helps individuals, couples, and families interrupt negative interactions and maladaptive coping strategies. Treatment produces improved communication, empathy, and accountability within families.

Jennifer’s post-graduate work included research and contributing to scholarly articles on benefits of the therapeutic relationship, effective interventions for eating disorders, and health disparities among minorities. In addition, she specializes in work with families seeking healing from trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, and abuse.

As a trainer, researcher, and clinician Jennifer uses trauma informed care to continually assess client needs and provide evidence-based interventions. Whether working with an individual or an entire family system, treatment promotes healthy autonomy, boundaries, emotion regulation, and safety. Jennifer primarily uses family systems theory, CBT, DBT, EFT, and somatic experience to improve clients’ perspectives and produce desired changes.

Jennifer is an avid horseback rider, runner, animal enthusiast, and volunteer. She is passionate about making therapy feel safe, uplifting, and effective so that it adds joy and fruitfulness to the lives of her clients.

In addition, if you are seeking faith based treatment, she can accommodate and support your goals.
Jennifer will also be available to provide EMDR therapy to clients in May of 2023.

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