Jeanae Oliverson

Jeanae Oliverson

Jeanae Oliverson, CSW

Therapist - Rosa Parks House

Jeanae Oliverson is passionate about her work, motivated, direct, empathetic, and level-headed. She has a fabulous sense of humor and thrives when handling crisis and chaos. Jeanae loves to learn, is great at problem-solving, and is always looking for ways to improve. Her work began first as a residential staff, behavior technician, then substance use counselor at an RTC. This is where she realized she wanted to continue to work with youth and began doing ABA therapy with kids on the spectrum. Through these opportunities she decided she would dedicate the rest of her career to working with teens.

Jeanae earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology from Utah Valley University and then continued her schooling by earning her Master of Social Work from Walden University. She is trained in addictions, anxiety, DBT, CBT, attachment, LGBTQ, ADHD, and mood disorders. Jeanae’s beliefs align with New Haven’s core model that there is always a reason someone chooses self-destructive behaviors and if the root issue can be addressed, they’ll make more progress than if you just treat the symptoms. With the right help everyone can become the person they want to be and anyone can create small changes in the lives of others. Jeanae also believes that family is everything, it’s the first place a child learns about the world for good or bad and it’s the foundation of their support.

Through all her years of school, training, and work, Jeanae forgot what it was like to have free time. When she does find a spare moment, she loves trying new things with her husband and is currently learning to skateboard (she can’t go in a straight line, but she has yet to break anything, lol). Jeanae is also a big fan of paint by numbers and loves spending time with her siblings!

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