Jamie Goldstein

Dr. Jamie Goldsteins

Dr. Jamie Goldstein, Psy.D

Executive Director

Dr. Jamie Goldstein is the Executive Director of Embark outpatient clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a licensed clinical psychologist and leader, Dr. Goldstein has supported adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including schools, community clinics, group practice, and in the tech industry. Her work is rooted in the three pillars of connection, authenticity, and language.

Connection. Time and time again, research shows that our relationships are the most powerful element for change. How do you know if you are making a good connection with someone? For Dr. G, it’s when the people leave an interactions feeling seen and heard in the entirety of their humanness (good vibes, bad vibes, and everything in between).

Authenticity. As a psychologist, leader, and fellow human she strives to show up authentically to best support others in stepping into their most authentic self. “Me being me creates safety for others to be them.” The result? Opening to a deeper self-exploration, and ultimately a fuller understanding of our experiences; past & present.

Language. Language is the vessel that brings all our internal workings to life. The words we use to speak to ourselves, and others can either help or hinder us. In her work, she is always collaborating with individuals to increase awareness of the language that is hindering. Then, with guidance, uncover the language that empowers the other two pillars of authenticity and connection.

Like many Californians, she loves spending time out in the sunshine and can be found exploring the natural beauty offered across the Bay Area.

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