Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Heather Smith, LCSW

Therapist - Susan B. Anthony House

Heather is always seeking to see the best in others. She is direct and transparent, and has a good sense of humor which helps her connect with adolescents in a way that allows her to join with them in moments that would otherwise trigger opposition. Heather has extensive experience working in inpatient and residential settings, and knows the importance of autonomy and choice with safe limits and boundaries within these settings. She is comfortable working on a multidisciplinary teams, and is responsive and organized. Heather believes in the humanistic and existential approach that empowers individuals and families to find their full potential, and how a family system and sense of community can influence one’s motivation for behavioral change. Heather uses a strengths perspective to help families find emotional attunement and security.

Heather attended Utah Valley University and is specializes in attachment disruption, trauma, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, family systems work, impulse control disorders, LGBTQ specialties, DBT and EMDR. She worked for the Children and Family Justice Center as a volunteer, gaining experience in trauma, domestic violence, and victim services. Heather collaborated with Christian Moore and WhyTry in the 2017 National Resilience in Education Summit Conference where she was awarded the Resilience in Action Award in recognition of her advocacy of Collegian Mentoring Programs for at-risk youth.

When Heather is not working, she enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, camping, and snowboarding with her husband. She also enjoys visiting family on the West Coast as much as possible.

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